Chronic back pain, pls help😂


So ive legit had this back pain for like over 4 years now and im 17 and im very healthy and sporty so its already been determined its not because any of that, it can get so bad some days to the point when i cant move at all and somedays its fine, ive been to the doctors, the hospital, physiotherapist, specialists, ive been on all sorts of medication for it which i stopped because it was doing nothing so i wasnt gonna take pills for no reason, ive had mri scans, x-rays. Ive tried everything like heat pads, the pain reliever gel stuff. Legit no one knows whats wrong with it at this point and the doctors refuse to give me any stronger meds as i weigh too little for my height as im 5’9, please someone give me any sort of suggestions for anything to help, at this point I’ll willingly try anything???????