Old wive tale predictions!!

Niki 🤰🏼

So I would love a little girl more then anything I’m having high hopes going from old wives tales ( I know they are ‘old wives tales’ for a reason by one can hope!)

Chinese baby colander says girl

I never ever like sweet foods but all I want is cakes and donuts, skittles and lollies, chocolate, ice cream, chocolates!!

The thought of meat makes me feel so quesy!!

My favourite naughty foods before I was pregnant that I rarely got and that I would die to have were McDonald’s nuggets, chicken or beef burgers, anything from KFC, beef tacos or nachos, Chinese lemon chicken but now they all sound so gross to me!!! All I want is fresh salads, subway, fruit especially the sweetest like pineapples and strawberry’s!! I’ve started feeling like nuggets but it just all sounds gross!! Even driving through McDonald’s to get a coffee with my partner the menu made me cringe!!

The first heart beat was 169 which is higher so could mean girl

My skin is breaking out like crazy although hormones can do that!!

I’ve heard stories of someone getting all girl ‘sypmtoms and cravings’ and having a boy

What do you guys think I’m having?!

Also interested in how correct wives tales were in your pregnancy would love to hear!!!