Why am I bleeding! 😭😭 help!

Update: had blood taken today levels are up to 10,000 had spotting Friday and Saturday! After I got the call about my levels increasing I used the bathroom and had more spotting! For real, right after my call!!!! Called back and waiting for a call back from the doctor! I have cramping but very mild and more of an annoyance nothing that hurts a lot or anything!! Hoping they’ll take me for an early ultrasound! What the heck!

Tuesday I had a little blood, very little. Thursday I had some brown discharge. Had blood work done and HCG was at around a 2280. Yesterday more bright red spotting and this morning still bright red spotting. I don’t go back until Monday to see if my levels are still rising. I’m 6 weeks today and more freaked out and scared than ever! It took 9 months to conceive and I’m so afraid of a miscarriage. I don’t want to start over. I just want everything to be okay, but I’m fearing the inevitable is about to happen.

The blood has not been on my underwear at all. There was a little when I wiped so I wiped the inside and saw more blood. Please tell me this has happened to people and everything will be okay because right now I’m freaking out.