easy@home bad batch?


hey ladies, so I'm usually extremely regular with my start dates of my period. Before period I spot for 3-4 days before from redish to brown and requiring a light pad. This month, I'm having discharge that light brown.. random maybe alight pink or redish.. but it's only when I wipe... i should of started period yesterday or today.. but nothing.. I am still checking with fingers. TMI it doesn't smell like period or blood or anything. I don't feel cramps or horrible outer v pain. I get random cramps or sharp pains in uterus I assume then it goes away. With my first kid I got bfp a week before my period. This month ( a year of trying) I bough easy@home and pregnancy test are coming up negative. I'm not understanding what's going on... could the batch of tests I have be bad ? I won't lie I did use a ovulation strip as I've heard you can get positives if pregnant.. not sure if true but I would of love for this to be my pregnancy line Lol any suggestions, supports or comments ? thank you xo

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