cervical mucus mixed with blood

i have PCOS so my cycles are no where near regular. today to CD34 and I have this back pain not my regular PMS back pain because usually I have to take Midol the day before it AF shows because of how bad my back and body hurts (im a really natural person with medication i dont use it unless i absolutly have to!) dont get me wrong it was uncomfortable but wasn't horrible like normal. About 4 hours later I get this egg white mucus mixed with some blood that super stretchy like 2inches! it's when I wipe right now at least and isn't the normal brownish discharge that is normally their on the first and last day of my period. I've been having cramping and pinching only on CD18(day of positive OPK) CD25 and CD26(8-9) days after what I believe was ovulation I've been having sore nipples/boobs, occasional nausea, moodiness & fatigue (which arnt abnormal), muscle spasms, and the feeling of getting a nose bleed but never actually getting one. can anyone help me out I have to wait to take a test a few weeks which I don't mind cause time will tell however I was wondering what y'all think about my situation. any thing is great.

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