What to do

About 8 months ago I met this guy I already knew of him we was friends on fb ect


we got chatting & met up well I ended up staying over at his and did the deed🤦🏼‍♀️

Everything was fine next day.

Week later I met up with him again & same thing happened.

Then I cut him off because he would literally text me twice a week & he was really hard to read as well! No emotion couldn’t tell if he liked my company or not!

I end up meeting someone get in to a relationship & so does he!

I’m back single now been single a month & I thought I would check his Facebook to my surprise he’s single! So 2 weeks later he actually messages me “ Heyy stranger”🤨 so I messaged back & we got chatting again & met up a week ago same thing went out drinking & for food went back to his & had sex! I left the next day & we planned to meet up following Friday! He hasn’t text me since! Nothing! So I’m just thinking fuck you! That’s ended & faded out won’t be going back there again!

Soo.. this is where I’m stuck!

I’m on tinder and he’s brother is on there so I swiped right just to see if he matched me or not & he did! He messages me 3/4 days later & we exchange like couple messages each & he’s asked for my number!

But he doesn’t know about me & his brother!😬😬

What do I do?

- meet the other brother go on a date

- leave it

Please don’t judge me I’m not that kinda girl to sleep with tom,dick & harry..

I’m not looking for a relationship unless it happens just looking to date do fun things ( not. Just sex) go for food, cinema, weekends away