Need some words of wisdom


A little back story: I was raped 3 months ago while I was dating someone, was really depressed, diagnosed with bpd and ptsd, then went to outpatient care, broke up with that bf bc I basically out grew him, since outpatient I’ve been doing way better.

So when I broke up with my bf I was set on being single for a long time and the thought of even talking to men or them touching me sounded bad. Then I wanted to get a new tat on my bday and found a new artist and we had an instant connection and talked for 4 hours straight then got another tat and talked some more and started texting. Immediately I felt such a strong connection and comfortability which is highly unusual for me. We went out on a couple dates and ended up having sex way sooner than I thought (I kinda initiated it lol) we’ve been together almost everyday since (he’s 31 and I’m 21 btw) he asks me to stay the night almost every night and he doesn’t try to have sex with me at all we’ve only had sex twice. He’s been making plans with me for the future. Honestly I never knew a guy could be so caring and such a gentleman. He never lets me open a door he tries to pay for everything and is so mature and responsible it blows my mind. Now I’m just scared bc of my past with abusive bfs that I’m like missing a red flag or that hes gonna end up being like them. I cant ever see him hurting a woman but its my past that makes me wonder. Any advice about new relationships from anyone that’s ever been abused or raped would be great! I’m really happy I just can’t help but be scared of things that could happen