Clomid and Preseed dryness (about to give up 😭)

Me • TTC since Feb 2017

So this is our 16month TTC and first cycle using Clomid. We’ve always alternated between using Preseed and coconut oil throughout TTC because Preseed doesn’t always provide enough lubrication for us. Now since last month, we’ve been trying our best to only use Preseed, especially around ovulation. Except I feel like Clomid made me extra dry and even with using a lot of Preseed, nothing is working. We were BDing today and everything was fine at first then it got dry. We kept using more but at this rate the Preseed will probably finish before ovulation day gets here, lol. We eventually used coconut oil just to get today’s BD in. I don’t know what to do. I feel like every time we try, something goes wrong and I’m about to give up, except I don’t want to waste this cycle after taking 100mg of Clomid. Anyone had this happen and any suggestions?