Savannah • ttc rainbow baby 🌈 in a healthy relationship of 2 years now❤waitin on that ring lol 💍

today I found out I was pregnant. months and months and months of praying and thinking I couldn't have one. today I also found out I miscarried. all in one day. what was thought to be a period was my baby.. I'm numb and shocked. I was about a month along. in2days I go to the obgyn to confirm. I cried. someone that wanted to be a mom more than anything.. thinking that I had my little baby in me. then feeling it come out every time I went pee. trying to hold it back even though I couldn't. this is killing me. still having extreme pain in my back and stomach. just laying here. it's unreal.luckily god blessed me with the most amazing and supportive man ever