So frustrated!! chemical pregnancies


So I just wanted to vent, see if anyone could relate or have any advice. I'm 34, my husband and I have been ttc for 5 months so far. I've had 2 chemical pregnancies back to back and decided after that I was not tracking bbt, cm, ANY of it bc what's the point if everything leads in the right direction it doesnt stop you from miscarrying....this month other than <a href="">tracking ovulation</a> I've laid low. AF is predicted between yesterday (sunday) until tomorrow (tuesday). I decided to take a test today and once again, I'm getting barely visible have to squint at it the right way to tell lines. I told myself after the last two chemicals that were never super dark lines either (but did pick up on a digital test) that I wouldn't get excited or trust another faint line. I'm just pissed honestly, it's a time consuming heartbreaking process and you either think about it 24/7, or drive yourself crazy trying not to think about it. always thinking about next ovulation date, the dreaded 2ww, then when it doesnt work out same crap all over again.

I am currently taking: baby aspirin, prenatal, maca root, fish oil, probiotic, was taking coq10....I drink occasional raspberry tea (good for uterus supposedly)......the only thing I was lacking was progesterone cream (which was my sisters problem). This cycle I added progesterone cream convinced it was my problem. I mean maybe it's too soon to give up but I'm just spent...advice? gyn appt is in 2 weeks.