Just need a hug


I just need a hug.

I knew we’d have struggles when trying to get pregnant because of my PCOS so as soon as we started trying I went to see a gyno and based on my test results I was put on metformin and letrazole.

Now it all seems like my eagerness and excitement is being dampened because work travel commitments and general life issues keep cropping up and it’s just adding to the stress of it all.

I cancelled a very important business trip to try and conceive last month which of course is a small thing in the greater scheme of things but sadly we weren’t successful.

My husband’s work travel now looks to overlap with our next time to give it a try so now I am planning to travel with him so that we can have that chance.

Neither of us usually ever have to travel for work so that’s why this is so annoying.

And next month we are meant to travel again Long haul to see my family during my likely fertile window and I just worry the impact that will have.

I just am frustrated because I’ve wanted this for so long and now it just seems like so many things are getting in the way.

And I’m on medication to make this work, you know?

But waiting for more months feels like an eternity when I’ve been waiting to try for so many years. I’m just so anxious and frustrated and probably overreacting.

Want this so badly 😭