Bf Sucks At Pleasing Me🙄

I’m 16 dating a 18 year old guy. I give him oral all the time but he won’t eat me out cz he doesn’t think he will like it. So that right there is a bummer. He normally fingers me but there’s been a few times where he forgets to give me anything in return. Today we were hanging out and he wanted a bj so I gave it to him and after he didn’t give me anything back. Which he has done before. So I said to him “at least u got something” and after I made that comment he asked me if I wanted him to finger me. Being he was in a rush to go get shoes and I was already turned off that he forgot to give me any pleasure I said no. He hugged me and said “I’m sorry uk I am.” But if ur really sorry then why have u done this to me so many times? Idk if my bf is just forgetful but he seems very selfish to me and idk what to do.