Juliet TTC#1 💛Married 💍👰🏽

TODAY: MONDAY 14th 10:45 PM

On March 8th around 11PM my husband rushed me to the hospital cause I couldn’t bear the lower abdominal I was having I thought I was maybe pregnant. When I get to the hospital within 4 hours I my husband was told that they had to do an emergency surgery. I had appendicitis not only that they also found out that I have 2 cyst on my right ovary. One measured 3.5 and 2.4. I never discourage on the 9th of this month I went to a different gynecologist and he did another pap for me and even wanted to test my husband’s sperm. So I made another appointment for the 8 of next month for result. So my period were supposed to be here on 9 supposedly but never showed witch I believed was too early for it to come since my circle change now to roughly 30,31,32 days so I was like ok let me wait and see on the 12 to see what happened. So on Saturday which was the 12th during night I spotted light pinkish I felt so disappointed and thinking is my period. And Sunday morning I woke up to this brown discharge.

I had no cramp just light twinges from here and there so I am so anxious so tonight I decided to take an ovulation test and to my surprised it was positive

So 5 minutes later I got more anxious and decided to go all in and take a pregnancy test and look 😂😂😂😱😱😱 I am over joyed and so scared may the Lord help me to process this through because I can’t believe this right now

These lines are too dark I don’t even know how far I am guys please have faith because this is the very first time I’ve ever felt this way I am so happy and accomplished I THANK YOU LORD FOR THIS MIrACLE OH I WILL BE TAKING MORE TEST JUST TO MAKE SURE THAT I AM NOT MISTAKEN


UPDATE: my husband wanted expensive test so right now it’s Tuesday 1:19 AM

So yes it’s true I am pregnant