Im just a guy trying to steam a little

My girlfriend wanted me to download this for all of you that are going to be asking why I have this app. I just want to say that I'm sorry for all the girls out there that are treated like dirt. Girls should be treaded with care, and love, unless the dude has a girlfriend...back off of him, dont make guys be rude because we will if we have a girlfriend. But im sorry for the girls out there that are done wrong by immature fuck boys, yall never deserved it. There's not many of us out here but there are still good guys, we aren't all bad. Girls need to start respecting themselves and not showing everyone in the world their bodies, or giving your body to whoever, you're only ruining your reputation and making it harder on your future self for making that decision. I know that majority of girls dont want to wait to have sex for marriage, but its the best thing to do. You will make it hard on your partner if he has waited and you haven't, its harder for us to get over than you think. Sorry if I offended anyone, just needed to get something out.