embarrassed 😥

i really like this guy im secretly dating/ talking to. we met online and he lives three almost four hours away. hes cool and all and i like talking/ txting him and shit. but we havent met yet (and thats because of me) sometimes i hessitate on if i really want to meet up because im kinda embarressed to be seen with him. he is a big dude, like hes really overweight, i guess the term is morbidly obese😣. all i know is that hes huge... now before you start to judge me i like him, and im trying to figure out how i can move past the obvious which is his weight. hes a handsome man and i wanna get to know him better but when he brought up sex i pushed him away and told him im waiting till marriage. which is not true at all, infact dude turns me on hes kinda freaky. im just worried about what my family will think, and react. he tells me hes ready to settle down and im trying not to be SHALLOW cause hes a good guy but hes just so overweight hes at least 500 # maybe 600. what would you do??? he has no real intention of loosing the weight hes been big his whole life... im just want a differnt persons perspective on how to go about this sitjation.