Induction Birth Story

Savannah • 22 years old~ rainbow baby Johanna born May 16th 2018🎀🌈❤️~ momma to 3 angel babies 👼~ grad student 👩‍🎓

So the doctor decided it was best for me and the baby to deliver her at 39 weeks so I went in on Monday to be induced. They started me that night on cervadil and waited until morning to see if there was any change in my cervix (I was 1 cm and 50%). The next morning they checked and no change, I was disappointed but we moved on to option two: cytotec. I took that and in four hours I was at 3 cm!! So excited! By this point I was contracting regularly every two minutes and the nurse was continuously giving me fentanyl. I tried to sleep through but it was really difficult. Finally I needed to dilate more so they gave me pitocin and hoped that would do it. The contractions lasted for 23 hours until they finally gave me an epidural. Then I was able to rest and get to 10 cm by Wednesday morning. Then the doctor arrived and it was time to get pushing!! Unfortunately my epidural ran out of medicine right as I was beginning the pushing and the numbness was gone so fast!! He had a nurse go get a refill but it was too late. An hour and a half later with one perineal tear Johanna Alyse was born at 6:24 am on May 16th and weighed 8 lbs 6.7 oz and was 20.5 inches long ☺️♥️ here’s a bunch of pictures because who doesn’t love babies!!