32 weeks 6 days. constipation

tips on helping me pass a poop ?? I haven't pooped for 5 and a half days and I feel horrendous for it. I'm not even straining and I have hemmeroids... also, TMI, when I'm sitting on the toilet, I have the urge to go, everything opens up massively, I can put my finger in my butt and feel a poop about 4/5cm up my butt but it won't budge... even if I strain, it won't come down, and now I don't know what to do... I've tried a high fibre diet for the past two days and over the counter stool softener that is safe in pregnancy and its not helping, i feel at a loss... I don't wanna go Drs because they'll just say constipation in pregnancy is common. do you ladies have any tips ???