Trying to diet but I’m STARVING

I started a diet yesterday and it’s going okay. But right now I’m so hungry. I just made breakfast. I had two eggs and put each on a piece of toast. I’m used to eating a lot at one time and it’s difficult cutting down so much. I’m using MyFitnessPal to track calories. I’m set to lose a pound a week. My daily calorie goal is 1,690. I made it through yesterday and was even a few hundred under. But I got hungry. I’m hungry now. Yesterday my breakfast was fulfilling and gave me energy but I think I was still full from the day before when I had chick fil a 😳 is it normal to feel this way? I am about 65/70 pounds overweight. I’m really trying to lose it.

*If you respond, please do not suggest keto. I’m not into that.