Should I start solids?


My baby is 5.5 months old and I am thinking of slowly introducing solids to her. I keep reading online that the baby has to be able to sit up, but she usually falls when I try to sit her up. Does that mean she is not ready for solids? The reason I wanted to start now is because of how much interest she shows in food when we eat around her, I let her have a sip of water occasionally here and there, and finger lick a banana from my finger. Now she seems excited whenever she sees a glass of water or a banana.

Also what are the best foods to try in the beginning? Her doctor said there was a new study that found rice contains more chemicals remaining than other food from pesticides being sprayed on them, and that we should delay rice cereal beyond 1 year. He recommended oat cereal. Can I also introduce pureed fruits to her?