Officially Done trying!

I’m so over getting my hopes up, and thinking I’m pregnant. This month my AF was almost a week late, I got negative tests. My boobs were on fire, I kept getting nauseous, headaches, didn’t really want to eat. I had to pee every 30 minutes.

Every time I tried to eat I felt sick to my stomach, even the smell of things has gagged me.

I think I’m going to stop trying for a while, stay off glow, and try to find something else to fill my time. My heart hurts bc I started spotting today. It was light pink and started to get slightly heavier. I still don’t think it’s heavy enough to be a period. I just don’t think I’m ever going to get pregnant.

I had to tell my s/o this morning I wasn’t pregnant after he told me the other day “I’m going to be devastated if you’re not pregnant” and my heart just broke. At 6am this morning when I took that test and noticed the spotting my heart just shattered. He cried bc I was crying and I feel so horrible. I just want my rainbow baby.💔