Pregnant 3 weeks after miscarriage?!?!

Brenda • Mother of 4 beautiful kids Pregnant with our 🌈

So I had a mc on may 7th at approx 6 weeks. By May 10th, hcg has gone down from 5000 to 300. At my follow up appt on may 16th my dr confirmed everything had been emptied out and my lining was back to normal and also saw follicles in my ovaries with a dominant one she said would probably be ovulating soon. My hcg that day was down to 30. Well I have been using opks and they been SUPER dark for the past few days so I decided to take a pregnancy test and it seems to be positive and seem to be getting darker what are the odds that it’s picking up hcg from the miscarriage considering it was super low already? The most recent 3 tests in the pic are pg tests from last night, this morn (fmu) and this afternoon