no adult fun EVER


I really want some adult fun with my boyfriend. I'm due to have a baby in 2 weeks & I rarely leave the house. Now that my boyfriend is back to work, I only deal with my stepkids literally from sun up to sun down. no help. sometimes 3 at a time 8,4,3 which is sometimes very demanding. I can't nap or relax bc they are demanding alot throughout the day. I don't mind doing anything for them but being so close to delivering I'm highly exhausted & now that summer is here, he wants the kids to live with us permanently. my boyfriend is a truck driver so his days are nearly 24 hours sometimes which puts everything on me. I only get time out of the house when I visit my family which they annoy me & when we go to the Chinese buffet which is rare now. he sometimes goes out on the weekends & his reason is either work or he's been stuck in the house but he never considers that I've been stuck in the house for months, never getting adult fun or company, on the weekends I'm automatically deemed the babysitter,I never get invited to do anything & I'd love some sort of outing or fun. or even some rest after I have my baby before going full-time. I just wanna be considered