The name war

Meredith • MC 8/11/18 🖤 Our 🌈 arrived 09/27/19

So... long story short here. My husband and I have now been trying to conceive for over 7 months now. Last April, my husband's brother and his wife announced they were pregnant. We were so excited for them. Shortly after revealing the gender, I messaged my sister-in-laws and we decided to go ahead and share baby names so none of us would accidentally steal a name. I then told my SIL that I had always adored the name Katherine (after my grandmother) because it had been a name close to my heart since I was a child. We all gushed over the names and moved on... fast forward to the birth of my niece. My SIL and her husband decided to keep the name a secret from my husband's side of the family so they "wouldn't get any negative feedback on the name they picked". They then announce her name in a ridiculous Facebook video after she is born. Katherine. I. Was. Livid. Of course, I didn't want the family to be upset at my anger so I refrained from going off on a new mom. About a month later, though, my SIL heard I was upset and took it upon herself to blast me for "stealing her joy" and "ruining the birth". We haven't spoken since and my husband and I still haven't been granted permission to see our niece. I will still be naming my future daughter Katherine but I say this to you ladies as a warning. Be careful when sharing names to family and friends. 💔