Is pregnancy a possibility? (Read description first)

Hey ladies, before I get into the situation please note that I don’t want to get pregnant. I’m 21 but my mother is totally against pregnancy before 30 years of age - which I agree with. I don’t want kids right now.

Okay story:

So is it possible to be pregnant even though I’m on the pill, that I take constantly AND still get my regular periods on it’s due date, AND still have the same amount of bleeding as before?

*IMPORTANT* 👉 every morning I wake up feeling nauseous (for the past week) BEFORE I take my pill in the morning- whereas I’m used to feeling nauseous after taking my pill in the morning. I also get cravings - but it’s not much different to my normal cyclical cravings...

I’m assuming it could be hormonal changes that’s causing this... I’m very responsible with my pill (I take it religiously). I am sexually active too. I am also emotional - and over emotional at night 🙈

Now I know most people will tell me to get a test, which I will as soon as I can... but that won’t be for a few days.

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