Baby shower registry disappointment - Am I overthinking it ?

RAS • Mommy to Mila Rose 9-2-18 & Isla Lily 03-21-20 🎀💗🙏🏻

I’m having my shower next sat June 2nd. 27 people are coming but I already had one person who can’t come send us a gift which was thoughtful. Im a bit sad bc I spent all this time back in February researching asking my friends going online going to the store before I sent my invites out. As of today only 5 things have been purchased. I held off buying things for the baby other than diaper bag and some clothes. My friend gave me a few brand new items she had. I kind of feel I wasted my time and that there was a huge sale back then I could have just purchased it all myself. I do understand people can give money and gift cards but every shower I have gone to when I go shop in advance I’ve seen so many things off. I registered at BBB & Babies r us and my items range from like $5-$400 is the max. I’m a bit sad and disappointed bc I also am very proactive and try to go in advance & purchase things for everyone else. I feel like the same effort isn’t made for me. I thought it would take less stress off me bc now I have to go out & get everything. I guess the good thing is I can just buy the essentials I need when the baby is born and hold off on items like feeding until baby is 4-5 months. Also my MIL pissed me off saying she saw a lot of

Colours on my registry we aren’t finding out gender. Im like yah I put what we wanted. She basically asked do u want us to wait to get pink or blue I told my husband there are things we need that have nothing to do with the gender like baby monitor, crib mattress, swing etc. She even made a comment before like what will u put & what will ppl get u I said I’m registered like how your daughter was for her shower. I don’t know why this is getting to me. At first I’m like ok maybe people are procrastinating but like it’s a week away.

If people were going to just give cash & GC then I honestly wouldn’t have wasted my time with my registry. Has this happen to anhone? Anyone feel me or am

I just being to emotional about it? 🙁