pls. help.

I engaged in unprotected sexual acts (not sex) last month on 30th April. the penis didn't come near my vagina but it was very close to my behind. it was also in the shower. there also was no ejaculation coming near my vagina or anus, although there might be precum.

I haven't gotten my period yet (may 27th) is it possible that I'm pregnant?

my last period started on April 11th, ended on April 15th.

I have irregular periods but this cycle has gone over 45+ days.

I'm also 18

I'm having sticky discharge for a week now sometimes clear sometimes white. also my mood has been shit. I'm confused cause these both are signs of early pregnancy as well?? from the internet??

EDIT- according to my <a href="">period tracker</a> (clue)- my fertile window started from May 10th to 15th, way after all this. my <a href="">Eve</a> tracker says my fertile window started from April 27th. which is more accurate?

I'm very scared and confused.