Work- Would You Rather (Read for Extra Info)

Hi all, I have a work dilemma. Currently working two half day jobs, and I'm going to be offered a full time position at one of them soon (full day at home). I just need some help making the choice. It wouldn't affect my income no matter what I choose, the only difference is for the one I'd save a LOT of gas. So, the pros and cons of each job.

* I get along with the people but we never do anything outside of work. I wouldn't consider us as friends, but I do like the work environment. I never get invited to functions, not even the formal year end function, but again the people are nice enough and it's only half day. The people here are very immature and think very much about themselves but sometimes it's nice to be around silly, immature people. This job is more in line with what I've spent most of my life doing, but my bosses are not good business people in that they're very quick to blame you for something that's not even your fault, and they'll never admit they were wrong. I have my doubts about the financial stability of this company, although it's doubtful they'll ever close (just would mean no increases, no bonuses, no equipment upgrades (as it is our work computer is 11 years old). And it's nice to get out the house. But there's little flexibility in terms of needing to get off and stuff.

** I also get along with this lot, and actually get invited to the team building, year end functions, despite the fact that I'm the least involved employee in this company. The work is terribly boring but I enjoy being at home and I'd like to think that when I eventually have kids, life would be easier if I were working from home. My boss here can actually accept when he's wrong, and the people are a lot more mature than the other company. But we still have fun. I'd earn less per hour here than what I'm earning at the other job, but for full day it would work out more or less the same as it does now because I'd be saving on gas, lunch, snacks, etc (sometimes we like to get lunch and stuff). I'd occasionally need to go in, but I know this work provides coffee and lunch and snacks (other work doesn't even provide tea). I'm sure this is just because it's part time, but half the time I don't know what's plotting at this work.

So, what would you do?

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