pin searching

Alexandria • 💙4/10/18 👼💙 HELLPS Survivor

hi everyone. you guys may or may not remember me. I'm back to work now. today is my 3rd day back and the last two have gone extremely well surprisingly. I've been able to talk to my coworkers about what happened if they ask and I haven't cried somehow. not even at home.

but now that I'm back I want to get a couple pins to wear on my work vest. (I have to wear one as part of the uniform) I can find some nice ones on Amazon but id love to find a company that would donate to some sort of pregnancy help/research lab for imfant/pregnancy loss/pree/hellp

I really want to find a purple butterfly pin and the pink and blue pregnancy/infant loss ribbon and maybe even an anchor which is one of the HELLPS survivor unofficial logo.

if anyone knows where I could look that would be great ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️