Best sexscapade i’ve ever had

so one of my friends lived w me for a week and we hooked up a lot, but one night we were pretty drunk we had like unbelievable sex. so we got back in my room and he kinda looked at me and started kissing me intensely and pushed me down on the bed. he ripped off my shirt and started unbuttoning my pants. i wrapped my legs around his neck while he ate me out for a bit, then i was like let’s shower.... so we got in the bathroom and turned on the shower, but as we were taking off our clothes we started making out again as his hands crawled all over my body. he pushed me up against the wall and i spread one leg open while my other leg on the ground was on my tip toe.. he picked me up and opened my legs as wide as they could go and started fucking me so hard my back was scraping up against the wall. after he finished we got in the shower and dinked around a little, but once he was ready to go again he turned me around so my stomach was against the wall. i put one leg on a little shelf and he fucked me from behind. while he was doing this he was rubbing my clit so hard and kissing the side of my neck. it was one orgasm after another with such intense pleasure my mind literally went blank afterwards. that’s gotta be the best sex i’ve ever had. once we got outta the shower we barely put on clothes then fucked again aggressively before we both passed out