Searching for a boy name like Anderson

We are team green for baby #2 and have plenty of girl name options but stumped for boy names. I like classic and traditional, easy to spell and yell. 😉 
We already have a son, Samuel Robert, who usually goes by Sam. I haven’t liked many boy names but recently Anderson has stood out. The problem is we know three Andersons in our extended families, two of which are cousins to two of our nieces. So two different nieces would each have two cousins named Anderson. So that’s a definite no go. 
What else is similar in style but goes well with Sam/Samuel? I like that Anderson could be Andy for short but hubby doesn’t care for Andrew. Similarly, I like Harrison but wouldn’t want him to be Harry. Does that make sense? Sigh. 
Others I’ve liked (with nn included, though not a given they’d go by that) ...
So back to Anderson ... what else falls in this general style?