My bf told me to tone up my abdomen

My boyfriend recently told me I need to tone up my core 😥 I don’t know...does it look that way to you guys? I’m a bigger girl anyway so I’m automatically not going to look like a VS model. Opinions please

UPDATE: Thank you for all the lovely comments I’ve received! I’ve thought about my relationship with him a lot and I’ve come to the conclusion that he just isn’t worth all the pain and embarrassment he’s caused me. I’m 20 years old and this is my first relationship so it’s taken my a little bit to realize just how emotionally abusive he is (he’s also told me to tone up my butt, leg, thighs, as well as a myriad of other insults). I sometimes feel weak for this reason, but I think what really counts is that I finally get out of this relationship and start being happy and loving myself again.

UPDATE #2: I broke up with him this morning. I feel better already. I’m going to try not to miss the person he was when we first met because that doesn’t do me any good. But just wanted to let y’all know that I took control and did something about it.

UPDATE #3: I am overwhelmed by all the positive and encouraging comments I’ve received from you ladies. I honestly never expected this kind of feedback. The last couple days have been tough but each comment literally makes my day. You guys are awesome!

UPDATE #4: The continuous comments of support are so amazing as well as all of the wonderful compliments I’ve received. You guys are awesome! I just wanted to get on here since it’s been a week since I broke up with him and say that the healing process is going really well. I’ve been taking some time with myself tanning by the pool, getting those extra gym sessions in (because I want to for me), and reading some great books. It wouldn’t be without the encouragement from you THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.