Positive and advice please!

Mrs. K • 👼🏻👼🏻 👶🏻🤰

This is the first blazing positive I’ve got after I had my 4wk mc. I stopped bleeding from the mc on the 20th.

I feel a little hopeful after seeing this positive opk because I’m thinking AF will be right around the corner.

If you’ve gone through a very early mc 4-6wks when did you get a positive opk? If you didn’t fall pregnant with that opk did AF follow soon after?

I am just so ready to get back on track! My period and ovulation have always been spot on I’ve only ever been 3 days late for AF before. I want to be back with my normal cycle. I feel like I’m in womanhood limbo with not being pregnant and not having a cycle for so long.