Mind running wild... help!

I hate having to wait until Tuesday... story... my last AF was 4/11 and since being late I’ve had the most confusing HPT results. Faint positives that look more like evaps... on 5/24 I went to the dr for a blood test 5/25 I got my first digital positive. On Friday when they called my HCG levels are low, 17.5.... so I had to get another test 48 hours after my first to ensure they are properly rising. Holiday weekend so I won’t know the results until Tuesday!! Still not getting BFP w dyes... we did the baby dance 4/20 and 4/22... I’m just so worried that I’ve had a miscarriage. Is it possible that I’m pregnant with it technically being 6W with such low levels?! Or do you think I miscarried?