Got an epidural but ended up going all natural

Megan🍒 • Proud Momma to My Prince 👑 ✨

I went in on May 23rd at 6pm to get induced. I ended up going in and had a plan to try my best to go all natural. The pain was intense yet I feel as if I handled it well because i went in with a plan & focused on my labor. I used the jacuzzi bath they had , twice , to help with my labor pains. I ended up deciding to get an epidural, so I went through the process of it and at first it worked really good. I didn’t really feel anything at all except a tiny bit of pressure. Well labor hits and i full on feel everything and intense pressure. I was able to move my legs completely and feel movements in my legs. I kept asking if that was normal because originally my legs were weak and it was numb but slightly moveable. Well full on labor hits ( i ended up pushing for about 2 hours ) and I feel the intenseness Of labor, almost like i didn’t even get an epidural at all. Well I have my son and the doctor starts to stitch me up and I tell her how I feel that and It hurts. She was surprised and asked to push the button that gives me the epidural medicine since it wears off, well I didn’t even know where this button was & abt it. So by the time I ended up going into full on labor I pretty much had no epidural in me at all.. but it was all worth it and I would do it all over again for my little baby. I’ve never truly known love until now💛

My little Nikolai. Born may 23rd at 11:08PM. 7 pounds and 6 Oz of pure beauty 😍