Just Venting


Okay, so no one besides my husband knows about us trying to conceive and y’all. We’ve been TTC since September of last year. I have been off of birth control since then. We’ve been trying EVERY month since then. I ‘ve been taking pregnancy test and getting negatives. I literally feel like my heart breaks every time I see the negative results for a pregnancy test I could just sit here & cry. But I don’t, I just throw it away & move on like nothing happens. When people ask when we’re going to have kids, I just say “when God gives them to us 😊” but in reality I ‘m just like “I ‘m praying every night for one soon 😩” I just needed to vent, I ‘m not really looking for answers. I ‘m just hurt right now 😔 every time I find out I ‘m not pregnant I find out someone else is. I really try not to question God or ask why can they have one while I ‘m struggling to conceive but man 😔😔 I guess I ‘m still just in the journey of TTC.