extremely bloated all the time / distended abdomen


i am definitely not pregnant, i go to the gym four times a week and usually have a relatively flat stomach but i swear the devil is in my digestive/reproductive system i do not know what is happening

i am vegan and gluten free and relatively low fodmap, but i bloat like this every day no matter what i eat. even when i wake up my stomach feels hard and inflamed.

i went to the drs and they have given me no answers and nothing came up on my ultrasound.

it is so painful constantly, none of my clothes fit properly, it’s sore and demotivating to run & work out and it’s ruining my relationship with food in that i’m scared to eat anything.

sorry for slightly tmi photo but just so you can see the protruding roundness along my abdomen- it actually looks worse in real life.

my stomach should look more like this although i still felt a bit bloated here.

SOS please if anyone has any advice or has experienced anything similar, please please let me know x

(ignore the fizzy drinks bottle behind me haha it’s not mine- fizzy drinks are the worssst for worsening bloat)