Depressed and look at my 6 years and half is saying to me!

Giuliana • ❤️trilingual

I’m currently experiencing depression and my boyfriend does not know about it because he tend to judge, yell or criticise my feelings so I decided to stay quiet about it and begin with counselling to reduce my suicidal thoughts and other stuff. This morning I decided to tell him about my depression and I started opening up more and more and he realised that he’s at fault because he was never there for me and now he’s acting like the victim , ignore my messages and blocked my calls and sent me a message saying it’s over because I kinda vented on him and possibly said something to offend him but so did he!! I really don’t understand guys..what shall I do? Give him space or move on?

We are talking about 6 years and half of relationship



So after him acting like the baby I finally got hold of him and we spoke. And this what he said to me: “that there’s isn’t such a thing as depression and does not belong in his vocabulary ”

“I’m overreacting for no reason”

“I worry about unnecessary things”

I showed him my emails of appointments of my counselling appointment and he still sees it as irrelevant and that I’m being dramatic.

He said so many things but these are the main things that I picked up..I didn’t wanted to burst in tears so I just removed the phone from ear and waited for him to hang up. I did not say a word.

I’m really trying to move on? But how???