How can I add a intervention order for my baby too against my ex-partner?


How can I add a intervention order for my baby too? How do I get a full custody of my baby, and an order where my ex-partner can’t come near me and my baby. Not being selfish but for our safety for his threatening to kill my baby and I.

And his so unfit to look after the baby cause he can’t even look after himself. Whenever his depression he gets very anger and gets violent to towards me so I left him. He has mental illnesses where sometimes whenever his losing his mind by getting so angry, he goes grey and lays in bed and doesn’t move till he has been giving his medication for it.

He says he works full time where he can’t look after the baby, and his mother doesn’t want anything to do with the baby. I have screenshots and evidence of him and his family telling me to get an abortion and wanted to kill the baby too.

They’re so evil.