Please read description - Name association

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Just saw an interesting post that gave me the inspiration to post this question.

The name we have picked is staying for sure as it has a lot of meaning to us. We've picked Lily Elizabeth. Lily after my moms favourite flower and Elizabeth after my nan who brought me up while my mom had to work. My nan also passed away at the beginning of this month so the name is very special to us.

Even though the names not changing regardless... I want to know your thoughts. If you heard of someone with this name, what kind of person do you imagine them to be? What type of qualities would you associate Lily Elizabeth with?

e.g., kind, stubborn, delicate, driven, lazy... good or bad I'd like to know but again, the names have meaning to me and will not be changed regardless.

This is a first name and a middle name - Not double barrelled.

Thanks in advance for responses!