Anyone else have this problem??

Maladaptive daydreaming or MDD

I’ve had it for years and didn’t realize it until 2016 when I was told what it was

I’d stay up all night talking to myself and hide in my room all day and it got worse when my depression spiked up

I wouldn’t be able to sleep because I’d just want to continue a story so I’d stay up to 5-6 am

The tv shows I watched would affect it because I’d want to make a story and have it be like I was one of the characters in the show

I’ve been able to control it ALOT better now but I still find myself needing to talk and dream about different life’s-make an entire family for myself different than my real family

What it is 👇👇

I know it’s weird and embarrassing to have so please no hate I just want to know if anyone has it and if they have found anything that helps them