My sleeping Angel πŸ˜‡


It seems like just yesterday that I became the mother of the most beautiful angel I have ever laid eyes on! I still remember the excitement your daddy and I had just to meet you, even though we knew that we couldn't bring you home with us we were still so anxious for your arrival! The first time I saw your daddy hold you, was when I truly realized how blessed and full my heart was because of you two. We had everything ready for you, I had stayed on your daddy's nerves those last two weeks because I was just stressing about getting your nursery ready. You were everything we had prayed for and so much more. We still think about you everyday. We will hold you in our hearts forever. It would be easy for us to give up and everyone would understand, but I want everyone to understand why we keep fighting! We keep fighting because GOD IS REAL! He has shown us what He can do by giving us Rynli. Though, we don't get to hear her laugh, see her take her first steps or cuddle her. We will meet her again! We have grown stronger because of God and Rynlibug! I am so proud to say that I trust God with everything in me and I truly believe He has a plan! So for those of you going through a tough time, DON'T GIVE UP! God will see you through it, He is always on time!

Rynli KaeAnn Eleanor AdkinsπŸ˜‡

Born on April 28th, 2018❀