D&E at 5 months

Carrie • M/C 12/2016 TFMR 12/2017 M/C 7/2018

I had to terminate a VERY wanted pregnancy at 21 weeks after it was discovered my placenta was failing and my baby had stopped growing. I thought making the decision to end the pregnancy in a quick manner rather than knowing my little boy was suffocating inside me would be the hardest part. How wrong I was. Because (1) we were told the terrible news a few days before Christmas and (2) abortion stigma and harassment leads to very real shortages of doctors who perform this procedure, I was forced to wait SEVEN DAYS to terminate. When your child is suffering, SEVEN MINUTES is too long to wait. We basically sat in my apartment that entire week, just waiting and feeling absolutely miserable. It was excruciating. I felt faint movements from my little boy, but I knew it was just a matter of time before he was going to pass away. NO ONE has a right to tell me what to do with my pregnancy or my body. NO ONE. This was a failure on the part of the medical community, but really, I put the blame on anti-woman, anti-abortion zealots (and even those who hold only “casual” anti-abortion views). You did this.