When you love the relatio but the physical connection is lacking

We have discussed twice how it’s important that I cum if we have sex. Before or after. (Let’s be honest, what dude has the juice to keep playing once they’ve cum). We’ve tried open play with no end goal or any goals at all. Sometimes it works. But mostly I feel empty if he finishes and I’m just chilling after.. hot and bothered, no climax. He’s full of love and connection after he cums, but can he really be if I’m not there too?

I’m not there 75% of the time, maybe more. I’m thinking maybe he’s more connected to my body than my spirit/mind. Ugh. How long does one hold on to a selfish lover? He’s a wonderful person and I want to be with him, but the sex connection is far from what I’ve had with previous lovers. I don’t want to give up but when is enough enough?

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