So terrified! Spotting!

I found out yesterday that I'm expecting twins! But, they didn't find the heartbeats (they said I was 6 weeks and its possible it's just too soon), they also said my hCG levels are low. I spotted a teeny bit yesterday and it stopped. And just now, when I went to the bathroom, I began spotting even more. I haven't had sex and I haven't done anything strenuous. My doctors' office is closed now and if there's an emergency, I'm to go to the ER. I've read so many conflicting things, from yes it's a miscarriage to oh it's normal and probably nothing. Ugh, I guess I'm just venting! I have no one I can talk to, besides my fiance, who has never had a child before. This is my 3rd pregnancy. For now, I'm laying down and I'm not moving! I don't and have not had any cramping. Praying that's a good sign. I'm just so worried. I'm sorry for the TMI, but here are some pics of my spotting. From the light yesterday to the heavier, today.