I just need to vent and advice.


Ok so long story short my dad owned a business and had tax issues because he didn’t report for like 5/6 years so his credit went to crap and so on.... fast forward to 2018... he had been telling me for months about how I would feel if we start a business together... now first off I didn’t want to because I’m definitely not interested in his line of work. I have my license in cosmetology and that’s what I fid before my first born. Secondly I knew he was doing it mostly for his benefit because of his legal issues so anyways he would ask me daily and tell me there’s no pressure... yet everyday he’d say “so did you think about it, your wasting time”... so this went on for about 2months around October so one day I decided to just tel him how I felt and that I didn’t want to do it because it wasn’t something I have any interest in...he came at me with the financial side to it and how it would secure a better future for my daughter. The amount of money he makes is decent more than any hourly job but the job that comes with it is ridiculous because he’s very unorganized and I knew how he is when it comes to having a home office business. Anyways I was 2 months post partum at the time and idk if it was just me being stupid or the hormones or what but I just gave in one day because he made me feel like if I didn’t say yes that I didn’t want a good future for my child... ok so we got the business in my name only that’s where i thought it was weird because he supposably wanted it to be both of us. So anyways we got the business name and got workers comp and liability insurance and than he started pressuring me into going to contractors school. So as of last month I registered all in obligation to his requests. Am I being stupid or naive for not being appreciative?? Cuz i feel like someone who loves this line of work would feel so blessed but I’m just so unhappy with everything and the way it’s going. I registered but have not went to any classes yet because I hadn’t had anyone to watch my baby until next week so that’s when I’m supposed to go. So anyways I’m now 2months pregnant with my second, to begin with my babies dad didn’t want me working he wanted me to dedicate my time to raising our daughter for at least the first 2 years until we can put her in daycare and now with this baby coming he’s even more irritated with what’s going on. It’s like our plan as a couple and family got pushes aside for my dad. Everyday I do anything I can to help my dad but it’s never enough. I should add we live in his home. And today he had the nerve to say “that’s funny if you think about it A******* (blanking out companies name) Owes me like 10,000” and that just got to me.... he was basically saying that he’s invested in “MY” business and “MY” business owes him. So I just responded saying no that’s your company it’s just in my name and he said yea right! So now I’m just blown away. I feel so stressed trying to work from home for my dad and do the daily house duties like Clean up after him and my half siblings there’s 3 ages 6/8/10 and they have no discipline at all...i watch them wed-fri meaning pick them up and take them to school at 7am with my baby since she was 2months old back and forth which is exhausting plusi feel like I try to make time for my daughter and do all that he requests for the company. Now ima have to go to classes aside from all my house duties motherly duties babysitting duties wife duties and so on...and all while I have the worst Nausea and I’m so tired 24/7 😭😭😭 I just want to give up on everything! My dad expect me to clean up after him and the kids I recently stopped cooking cuz I’m so done just feel like I’m being used before we moved in his house was a mess I came 3 weeks post partum and cleaned his house for 4 hours because he asked me to and now that I think about it that’s so selfish and I was so stupid for saying yes! I can never say no to my dad and that’s caused a huge problem because now all I want is to cancel the whole company and everything but he’s switched everything over from his old company and I’m just stuck. I’m in tears just thinking about how I don’t want to do business with him and I want to love my life the way I plan not the way he requests me to... 😭 I’m so ready to move out but how can I even do that now when we have business ties together ugh. someone pleaseeee give me advice on what to do I’m so lost. Life is just hectic right now for me and he doesn’t even see it like that, in his eyes I don’t do enough and I’m a lagger in everything.