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Tori • 26. Benjamin born 4/17/19. IVF warrior.

So my clinic has recently fired the

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coordinator for Indiana. So there is only one for all 4 or 5 locations they have and she is in Illinois, over 2 hours away. We went to see her on 5/14 for our orientation and she was very short with us and sent ya on our way. According to her she sent out my prescription the next day to freedom pharmacy in MA to have my meds sent. I started calling the clinic last Tuesday 5/22 because I really needed to know how much they meds were going to cost and I hadn’t heard anything yet. Well they kept giving me the run around, telling me to call this place or that place or another location. Now we get to yesterday 5/30. I go for my baseline ultrasound and nurse there asks me if I have all my meds ready for my cycle and I tell her I don’t have them at all and explain the whole situation. She is shocked that I don’t have my stuff yet. I then have to call the rude coordinator back who tells me it’s not possible I don’t have them because she sent the prescription. She resends it and I finally get a call from the pharmacy. They start the ball rolling and put in a rush since I need them so soon. About 5:30pm I get a call from them. The nice man says that the cost is $9000+ and I lost my mind. I start bawling. I have damn good insurance and my clinic kept telling me it was going to be like $200 tops for copay and then this! And of course everywhere is closing and no one can figure out anything until someone from my insurance says I need a prior authorization. Ok. So we put a rush on that at the doctors office for the AM. The next day the rude coordinator tells me it has all been taken care of, call freedom, pay the tab, and I’m good to go. Nope! After all that someone at my insurance finally says “THEY ARE NOT IN YOUR NETWORK SO WE WILL NOT PAY!” even at that point the rude coordinator was still insisting we use them. Finally the initial nice man who gave me a heart attack called back and offered to send the persons to one in my insurance network and we finally today were able to get the meds ordered. They should arrive by 3:30 tomorrow and I take my first dose at 7. I’m already nervous and stressed since this is our first

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and this made it 100000xs worse. Thanks for listening to me complain.