im worried

okay guys so im going anonymous because thats how worried i am, im 17 (turning 18 in November) and i was really turned on so me and my boyfriend of 2 years (we've been together since the end of freshman year❤️) decided to try something new, so he usually fingers me because im still a virgin and want to wait but i guess today since he was so excited that he did it more rough and i liked it so i didnt tell him to stop but thenbit stung so i asked him to stop and he asked me why like all worried and i told him it hurt and we looked at his fingers and there was a lot of blood so i went to the bathroom and saw at the top of the opening there was blood and blood clots coming out and its cut and i dont know if i should be worried or not and i cant talk to my mom about it cause i dont want her thinking im having sex when im not so can you guys help??