Face Creams/Masks/Oils? Share the deets!


Ladies, I want to know the secret for your beautiful skin! What face cream do you use, or if you use any face oils or face masks?

I know everyone’s skin is different and what works for you may not work for others but I want the deets!

I personally love castor oil .. and use it to grow my lashes and thicken my eyebrows and hair. It works! Only a small amount of oil per night on a clean mascara wand does the trick. Been doing it for a year and I actually see my lashes grow and eyebrows get darker. I also have a widows peak and there was a tiny bald spot next to it... and I would put the oil once a week on it and within a few months of using castor oil, fine baby hair started to come in. So happy!

Please share! 🙏