Too many pills taken!!

Okay sooo I know I’ll get a few comments about how I’m not being responsible and I should pay more attention, but it’s been a long day and this is my first slip up since starting the pill over a year ago... so here’s my issue.

I realized early this afternoon that I forgot to take my pill, I thought no biggie it’s only been a few hours, I’ll be okay since I haven’t recently had sex. So I took one from the extra packs I have in my car and went about my day. I got home and looked at my pill pack and I saw I had pills left for both Thursday and Friday. My mind went into panic mode thinking, “holy shit I missed Thursday too!!??” (Thinking it’s Friday) so I quickly took Friday’s pill and the moment I swallowed it I realized that it’s not actually Friday.. it’s Thursday... will I be okay? And does anyone know if I should take another pill for tomorrow.. the actual day of Friday??? I’m not irresponsible I swear, it’s just been a long day with multiple finals..