I killed my ex.

🦄 • 🤱🏻👨‍👩‍👦

So I think a lot of us at some point say we wanna kill someone. Or at least think it. But you know I hear jail sucks, and all that. And if you never have felt that way then what can I say, that must be amazing to be so enlightened and above it all. 😂

Very few times in life does one get the chance I got today....as I joined a game lobby in call of duty world war 2 before I head out to finish running errands. My jaw dropped as I looked at the names in the lobby.

I suddenly recognize more then just the average in game “enemy”. I recognize the gamer tag of a cheating ex boyfriend...

So I selected a sniper rifle (his most skilled weapon when we were together) and knowing I could probably predict the paths he would be most likely to use, I set ups , and waited.

And the clouds parted, and the heavens opened up and he walked right into my line of site. He didn’t see me. I killed him with a first kill of the game, a head shot with a sniper rifle.

And I mean everything that happens from now on out in my life that’s good is just icing on the cake at this point.

And now I’m off to go finish my actual duties. But I might be skipping the whole way.